How to structure your CV for Private Sector roles

How to structure your CV for Private Sector roles


27 Apr 2017

Starting 7:15 PM




How to structure your CV for Private Sector roles and how to overcome sector-specific challenges 

• Are you transitioning from the public sector to the private sector? 
• Are you in an industry / sector niche that you can’t get out of? 
• Are you a private sector contractor struggling to gain traction? 
• Are you new to contracting and unaware of how a contract CV is different? 

Join The CV & Interview Advisors, thought-leaders on all things related to Personal Branding, for a live session on how to create a high impact CV that will overcome all the afore mentioned challenges. In this engaging webinar, you will learn the following: 

• The different types of CVs used by Contractors 
• How to front-load your CV to overcome ‘sector-specific’ challenges 
• How to overcome last-job-syndrome (recent experience sitting at the top) 
• The modular approach that allows you to tailor your CV for each role in a matter of seconds 
• Why a Contractor should embrace a different approach to self-marketing 
• Marketing techniques you can use in your CV & LinkedIn profile 
• What are value propositions, elevator pitches, case studies and CV SEO 

This one-hour session will have a Q&A at the end to ask questions and is suitable for both public and private sector contractors at all levels of seniority wanting to gain an edge with their CV.

  We will be live in: