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MVL Online Ltd


Licensed insolvency practice offering affordable liquidations to simple solvent companies. Post ESC C16 solution. If you have a company that you no longer require which is cash rich, we could be the solution to help you get those funds out at capital gains tax rates, typically much lower than income/dividends.

Previously, a solvent (members voluntary) liquidation typically cost £4k upwards with your local practitioner. However, if your company has 1-2 directors/shareholders, no liabilities, and the only asset is cash in the bank, MVL Online® can provide a formal MVL service direct to companies Nationwide for the low fixed fee of £995+VAT plus disbursements for advertising and bonding.

See our total MVL cost page for indicators of what the whole thing will likely cost.


Summary of services

  • Liquidation for cash only shell companies, £995+VAT+disbursements at cost.